100% True: This Book Reveals It All...

"Life behind the walls of prison
like you've never see before!"

Right Side of the Grass Wrong Side of the Fence

This disturbing, but true book recounts life behind the walls of a state prison as you've never seen it before told by trusted prison ministry authority Deacon Larry Koebel, Sr., Catholic Chaplin.

Inside you'll learn...

  • I don't wanna' hear any religious sh*t! 

  • I don't call it a justice system anymore.

  • "I have a pain in my chest and I can't breath."

  • It's spider bites. No! It's tattooing.

  • You "had" a visitor.

  • You ain't got no money on the books.

  • I'm gonna' need $5,000... up front.

  • "Cell" phone jokes aren't funny.

  • How long you on paper for.

  • Three days and a shake.

  • Someone stole the Pope.

  • And much more!

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